How about Rokkatei Art Village and Nakasatsunai Art Village in Hokkaido?

If you are traveling to Obihiro, one of the places you should definitely visit is Rokkatei Art Village Nakasatsunai Art Village. We would like to introduce here what kind of place Rokkatei Art Village was! Rokkatei’s hospitality is excellent, at the top of the list in Japan, and is sure to impress you.

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Opening Hours

The museum will be open on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from April to October from 10:00 to 15:00 in 2023! To check the official website, please click the link below. Parking was free.

If you wanna go there , it required car. Because it is quite difficult public transportation.

六花亭アートヴィレッジ 中札内美術村 | 施設のご案内 | 〈公式〉六花亭 北海道十勝地方のおよそ145,000平方メートルの広大な敷地内に美術館やレストランが点在する六花亭アートヴィレッジ 中札内美術村。柏林に囲まれたまくら木の遊歩道を散策、...

Restaurant Polosiri

You can eat Japanese delicious cuisine in Restaurant Polosiri!It looks like a log house style, which will make you feel at home. 

The meal menu seems to change depending on the time of year. The menu in the photo includes curry, go-moku gohan, miso soup with mushrooms, etc.


There are seven museums in total. They are: the Aihara Yuichiro Museum of Art, the Koizumi Junsaku Museum of Art, the Masami Mano Museum of Art, the Anzai Mizumaru Museum of Art, the Tomohiro Momose Museum of Art, and the Yu Ogawa Museum of Art. They may or may not be open at certain times of the day. All of the artists seem to have painted landscapes of Hokkaido and Tokachi, or have connections with Tokachi. And then there is the North Land Museum. Here, the entries for the self-portrait public exhibition “The Contours of a Twenty-Year-Old (Rinkaku)” were on display.

I was able to view the paintings at the Tomohiro Momose Museum of Art, and was drawn in by the exquisite depiction of the light, the sparkling water, and the way the snow piled up.

Walking a little further into the museum, I found an open space and saw a hill! I wish I could have a picnic or something!

We were impressed hospitality of Rokkatei

On the day we visited, it was pouring rain and we needed umbrellas to walk through the art forest from the parking lot. My friends and I were lucky enough to have folding umbrellas, so we did not need one. But to our surprise, there were a large number of umbrellas! They came with Rokkatei mask stickers! So cute!

It was heartwarming to think that this was done in consideration of making the guests feel comfortable.

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